African Guest House , Ibadan , Nigeria

In a town rich in history, accolades and achievements; a town that is home to the first football stadium in Africa, the first television network in Africa, the first sky scrapper in Africa, also one of the most populous cities in Africa, nothing screams more ‘African’ that Ibadan. So, in a town that screams African, what better way to have a sense of belonging when visiting than to stay in a place that gives you that African feel.

Our establishment; African guest house is situated in Adelubi area, opposite Halleluyah clinic, new life road, Egbeda, oyo. We are designed to cater for your lodging needs at an affordable price and with the African feel. Our rooms come in affordable prices depending on the size and facilities required. Our rooms come as single rooms or also as double rooms.


From our name, you must have guessed that our aim is to provide guests with a memorable stay in our city rich in history not only at an affordable price, but with quality services and the added advantage of the African sense of belonging. Call us today to book not only quality services, but also with the added advantage of the African feel.


African Guest House

Adelubi Area, Opp Halleluyah Clinic, New Life Road, Egbeda, Oyo , Ibadan ,


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