Amba Hotel Limited is an indigenous business located on Ebisam Road in Akenfa, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State… At Amba Hotels we pay attention to our customer’s need.We provide on-demand laundry services for your various laundry needs. Our Laundry professionals take aboslute care of your fabrics leaving your fabric fresh… At Amba Hotels we care about you, We give heads up on the weather situation. This helps you pre-schedule a pick up straight to the hotel.

FROM THE AIRPORT Take a Taxi/Drive down from Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa and drive down through the east-west road and come in to Bayelsa through Mbiama. From Mbiama drive straight down through Igbogene till you get to Akenfa3, Ebisam Road. Make a turn into the road to locate Amba hotels.

FROM THE BUS STATION Get a Bus headed to Bayelsa. Ask to be dropped at Akenfa 3, Ebisam road. Walk into the street (Ebisam Road). From the junction, You can easily walk down to Amba Hotels.

BY CAR Depending on where you’re coming in from, upon getting into Yenagoa. If you’re coming in from Mbiama/Igbogene you drive into town and ask for Akenfa 3, Amba Hotel is located on Ebisam Road. If you’re coming in from Yenagoa Town, then drive past Tombia roundabout all the way to Akenfa and stop by Akenfa 3, Ebisam Road. You’ll locate Amba Hotels on this road.



Ebisam Road, Akenfa,, Yenagoa,


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