Angry Ex Who Dated Every Genre: Sheikh fires at Hipcofly, Benita Urey

Monrovia Gees — CEO of Diamond Online Sheikh Mohammed fires back at busybody women’s rights advocate and blogger, Benita Urey, over her recent post on her blog that Christoph the Change have divorced his longtime girlfriend Dej Lopez, for alleged Sheikh’s lover, Johnetta Manigan

In a Facebook post, the CEO of Diamond Online responded that his followers should not take anything serious coming from an angry ex who dated all genres of hitmakers in the musical industry. 

Sheikh wrote: “Lol! Y’all don't take it serious, this Coming from an angry Ex who literally dated every Genre( Afro-pop, Tfloyd, Hipco, Christoph, Trapco, Nuchie-Meek, Hip-Hop, Lib Icey) in the industry, got dumped, and end-up running to the garage( Car Dealer). Once again, He's your Ex, get over Him!!!!!!!🧑‍🦯🤦🏻‍♂️Infact, Lemme hear Hip-Co Fly.”  

Sheikh’s response have raised series of tussles and exchanges in the comments section between him and the Liberian Influence CEO

As many netizens are having the fun of their lives. 


Written by: Thomas Williams Fomba

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