Becfom Hotels, Apapa

Becfom Hotels is a budget hotel located in the urban region of Apapa, Lagos state. It offers affordable and comfortable accommodation to anyone seeking a decent lodge at moderate price rates. A majority of the patronage. Its proximity to important areas like the Apapa Wharf and Mobil Depot draw guests to Becfom Hotels every day. It is located at 1/2, Randle Crescent, Apapa, Lagos.

Rooms at Becfom Hotels are available in Mini, Single, Deluxe, Double and Luxuriant categories. The amenities in each room varies according to the category; the basic room has facilities like a double bed, a private bathroom en-suite, TV, refrigerator and a bedside stool. All rooms have Wi-Fi internet access free to all lodged guests.

The restaurant offers dishes in different styles and tastes. Drinks are available at the bar/lounge at affordable prices. Becfom Hotels offers a number of comfort-enhancing services such as a 24-hour room service, front desk services, laundry services and housekeeping service. Also at Becfom hotels, guests are guaranteed steady power supply and adequate secure parking space on-site.

Interesting Places close to Becfom Hotels Apapa Wharf (12mins drive)Tin Can Island Port (10mins drive)Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (20min drive)Ceddi Towers (9mins walk)Coca-Cola bus stop (8 mins walk)

Terms and ConditionsCheck-in time: From 01:00pmCheck-out time: Until 12:00pmMaximum of 2 persons allowed in a roomPets: Pets are not allowed

FAQsQ: Does Becfom hotel have a swimming pool?A: There is no swimming pool in the hotel.

Q: Does Becfom hotel offer complimentary breakfast?A: Becfom hotel does not offer complimentary breakfast.

Q: Is there a fitness centre/gym at Becfom hotel? What types of equipment are available?A: Becfom hotel does not have a gym.

Q: Does Becfom hotel accept cash, cheques, cards and bank transfers?A: Cash and card payments are accepted.

Q: Does Becfom hotel offer room service? What are the hours?A: A 24-hour room service is offered in the hotel.

Q: Does Becfom hotel allow pets?A: No. Pets are not allowed by guests in the hotel.

Q: What is the check in and check out time at Becfom hotel?A: Check-in time: From 01:00pmCheck-out time: Until 12:00pm

Q: Does Becfom hotel have irons?A: Irons are not made available in the rooms. However, laundry services are available which includes ironing but at a charge.

Q: Does Becfom hotel charge per person? A: Becfom hotel charges per room but a maximum of two people are allowed in a room.

Q: Does Becfom hotel have a restaurant?A: Yes. Becfom hotel has a restaurant.

Q: Does Becfom hotel have on-site parking? Is it free?A: There is a big and free on-site parking space in the hotel.

Q: Does Becfom hotel allow smoking in rooms?A: No. Becfom hotel does not allow smoking in the rooms.

Becfom Hotels is an affordable hotel in Apapa, Lagos.


Becfom Hotels

1/2, Randle Crescent, Apapa

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