Beckham Sunderland 17 Young player Brother Lawson Sunderland

Beckham Sunderland is an 18 years old goalkeeper who starts at FC Cincinnati

Beckham Sunderland is FC Cincinnati’s homegrown goalkeeper.

Name Beckham Sunderland
Birthday 06/30/2003
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6′ 1″
Weight 170 lbs
Parents Son of Larry Sunderland (Academy manager FC Cincinnati Academy)
Siblings Brother is Lawson Sunderland (UE Sant Andreu)

Beckham Sunderland’s Brother

Beckham has a brother name, Lawson.

He is also a football player like himself.

Lawson is a year older than Beckham.

How Old Is This Kid? Beckham Sunderland’s Age

Beckham Sunderland is 18 years old.

He was born in 2003.

Beckham celebrates his birthday on June 30th.

What Is Beckham Sunderland’s Height And Weight

Beckham Sunderland is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He is huge.

And this is why he has a greater advantage against his opponents.

His weight is 77 kg.

Beckham Sunderland’s Wiki And Bio

Beckham Sunderland has not been featured on the official Wikipedia.

His name is not on the page.

Nevertheless, we have a short bio on the player. He is the son of Jen and Larry Sunderland.

He has one brother Lawson and one sister McKenna.

What Is Beckham Sunderland’s Net Worth? Salary And Earnings

His market value at the moment is €50K (according to Transfer Market).

A player competing in the USL (United Soccer League) makes around $50k – $70k in a year. An experienced professional player can earn up to $2 to $3 million.

Beckham will also surely reach this stage. of earning millions.

Is Beckham Sunderland In A Relationship? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Beckham Sunderland is not in a relationship in 2021. He is not seeing anyone.

Sunderland is no rumors of his dating life circulating in the media.

He prefers to keep his mind busy. His therapy to keep himself busy is by playing football.

Does Sunderland Have An Instagram Account?

On Instagram’s search bar, type @beckhamsunderland and you will find Beckham’s account.

With just 1k followers following him on this platform, he is recognized as a verified user.

His last post was 18 weeks ago. It was in April.

It has not been a lot of time since he joined this platform. Beckham has been actively posting since 2020.

If you want to get more content and updates from the footballer, you can find him on Twitter too!

His username is @becksdaoy.

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