Bruce Crompton Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The TV Personality

Bruce Crompton’s page has not been registered on Wikipedia

Bruce Crompton is a TV personality on the cast of the 2016 television series called Salvage Hunters.

Here, a short bio on Bruce.

Bruce Crompton: Wikipedia

Bruce Crompton has not been featured on Wikipedia.

Asides from appearing in Salvage Hunters, he buys, sells, and restores military-related goods in The Combat, a television show.

His company, Lanes Group, makes $666 Million in revenue.

Since 1977, Bruce has been in the rail construction and maintenance industry.

He is one of the world’s biggest collectors of military equipment.

Bruce Crompton’s Age

Bruce Crompton is 64 years old. 

He was born in 1957.

He has not shared his birthday month and date.

Wife Of Bruce Crompton

Bruce Crompton is happily married to his significant half, Sue Crompton. 

On Bruce Crompton’s Family

There is a lack of information regarding Bruce Crompton’s family.

As for his own family, Bruce and his wife, Sue, have a daughter. The name of their daughter is Lois Crompton.

Details of his other children are unknown. He has a big family. On Facebook, he had posted a picture of his family. Sadly we could only recognize her daughter.

What Had Happened To Bruce Crompton? Accident

In 2019, he suffered a deadly life-threatening accident. It was a serious parachute accident. He was preparing for a major WW2 anniversary

he was a former member of the British Parachute Regiment, so Bruce also participated in a training jump in Holland.

He landed into a tree and then a freefall of 42 feet to the ground. It caused him multiple injuries; it nearly cost him his life.

Crompton speed weeks in ICU and went did major operations.

Net Worth Of Bruce Crompton

According to TvGuideTime’s article, Bruce Crompton’s net worth is approximately $1 million. 

But this estimated sum may be less because Bruce is the main board director at Lanes Group plc. It is a big company that has got 2,200 employees.

Bruce’s actual net worth might exceed $10 million.

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