Bucky Raw has completely overshadowed Christoph The Change

Some of you might hate me for this but the truth is that Bucky Raw is doing better musically than his nemessis Christoph The Change. This is pretty obvious but I know you still want to argue about this, don’t you?

You see, these two rappers have been at it for as long as i can remember. Never mind the fact that their calling as Trapco/Hipco artists respectively is to entertain music lovers. Interestingly, they made it seem like a competition, a supremacy battle of sorts.

At some point, Christoph The Change was doing well musically. This is around the time he released Hipco 101-105. He was always topping charts and receiving massive airplay on local TV and radio stations. I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way Bucky Raw overtook him.

You see the truth is the music industry is not what it was three years ago or so.

Bucky Raw might have seen this coming and perhaps this explains why his recent songs are questionable. They make you wonder if he’s still a Trapco artist. On the other hand, Christoph The Change decided to stick to his guns.

Let’s be honest, Bucky is really doing well and getting massive airplay. Christoph The Change on the other hand realised that the music industry had stagnated and when he saw a way out, he took it.

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