Burj Al-kano Hotel Limited, Kano

Burj Al-Kano Hotel Limited is a budget hotel which houses guests travelling from far and near. It is situated on 19, Bompai Road, Nasarawa, Kano State.

Burj Al-Kano Hotel is located in a peaceful and serene environment and features rooms in different categories, which are subject to different prices. Such rooms include: Single Standard Room, Double Standard Room, Network Room, Duplex and Presidential Suite. It offers the following in-room services to its guests: a cable TV, an air conditioning unit, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a Jacuzzi, an on-site bathroom, a lamp, a bed, a desk and toiletries.

Burj Al-Kano Hotel has an on-site restaurant that provides its guests exquisite cuisines throughout their stay and an event hall for multipurpose uses.

It provides adequate security, 24/7 power supply, room service, luggage storage and a car park on-site.

FAQsQ: Does Burj Al-Kano have a gym where guests can work out?A: There are no gyms on-site.

Q: Is there free Wi-Fi available in each room?A: Burj Al-Kano does not offer Wi-Fi services in the hotel.

Q: What is the state of security at Burj Al-Kano Limited?A: There are security personnel around to guard the hotel premises.

Q: Is there an adequate parking space at Burj Al-kano Hotel?A: Yes. It has a large compound where guests can park their cars.

Q: Does Burj Al-kano Hotel provide room services to its guests?A: Yes. It provides such services.

Burj Al-kano Hotel Limited is a budget hotel in Kano, Kano.


Burj Al-kano Hotel Limited

19, Bompai Road, Nasarawa,

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