Chantelle Otten Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Sexologist

Chantelle Otten is an expert sexologist who is currently serving at Cabrini Medical Center. 

Being a sexologist, Otten has always been frank about her sex life.

It is part of her job to express freely about sexual life and she encourages her audience to do the same.

Once she revealed that she accidentally flatulated during her intercourse with her beau, Dylan Alcott – “it was one of my embarrassing moments” she added.

Otten has been working as a sex therapist for many years now.

To boost her confidence in her work, she regularly discusses her own private life in the media. Through her social media, she always encourages people to maintain self-esteem and discuss healthy sex life with their partners.

Who is Chantelle Otten’s Husband?

Currently, Otten is dating world-renowned athlete Dylan Alcott. The couple is very close and always come forward about their personal life. Dylan Alcott is a renowned wheelchair basketball player as well as a wheelchair tennis player. He won the title of  Wheelchair Tennis Masters in 2018. He always wants to inspire people through his life struggle and career stories.

He is also a prolific public orator who has kissed success through his orating skills.

Alcott also fancies telling his stories on the radio as a host. In an interview, he said he is lucky to have a sex doctor as her wife.

Does Chantelle Otten have a Wikipedia page?

Chantelle Otten doesn’t have a dedicated profile on Wikipedia as of now.

However, we can learn about her work and career through her social media posts and interviews.

What is Chantelle Otten’s age, height, sister, and ethnicity?

She is an Australian citizen raised in Melbourne.

She also wants people to know her as a Dutch-Australian due to her Dutch background. Though she hasn’t been frank about her actual date of birth, the media believe she is around 30 years old.

Otten hasn’t shared her exact height with the public as of now. Otten hasn’t shared the names of any of her family members including her sister.

Chantelle Otten’s Instagram

She has a whopping 125k followers on Instagram.

Her bio says she is an award-winning sexologist and an ambassador for @lovehoneyau. She also believes she has worked hard to normalize sexuality and make it a norm among people.

Her Instagram account is @chantelle_otten_sexologist.

She is one of the dynamite figures on Instagram.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she currently plays a vital role at the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine as the chief officer.

Chantelle Otten’s Education.

She completed her advanced degree and schooling at Sacred Heart Girls College based in Oakleigh.

She did her bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science from Australian Catholic University. Otten chooses to do her Masters of Science (Medicine) at the University of Sydney.

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