Charlie Gilmour Wikipedia Wife: Learn Everything On Polly Samson's Son

Charlie Gilmour and his wife Janina lives in London. If you have listened to David Gilmour’s songs that you have probably heard about Charlie. Charlie is the adopted son of David Gilmour. Is he on Wikipedia? 

Charlie Gilmour is the adopted son of the famous lead vocalist and guitarist of the UK’s famous progressive rock band “Pink Floyd”.

He is an accomplished author.

Charlie has written a little book called Fatherhood.

On Charlie Gilmour: Wikipedia

Sad to announce that Charlie Gilmour has not been listed on people having their profile on Wikipedia.

Charlie Gilmour was born in 1989. He was raised in London and Sussex. David Gilmour had adopted Charlie when his mother Polly was married to David.

Charlie has read history at Cambridge University.

His writing has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, VICE, and Vogue.

Who Is Charlie Gilmour’s Wife? Who Is He Married To?

Charlie Gilmour is married to Janina.

Charlie and Janina live in London with their daughter.

Does Charlie Have A Daughter? Or A Son?

Charlie Gilmour has a daughter and not a son.

The name of her daughter is Olga.

Charlie was quite shocked and scared when he heard about he was going to be a father. All of his insecurities had kicked in all at once because when Charlie was a little child, his real father had left his mother and him alone.

David Gilmour is not his biological father.

John Henley Heathcote-Williams or also known as Heathcote Williams is his biological father. Heathcote was an English actor, poet, political activist, and dramatist.

Sadly, he died in 2017 at the age of 75.

So, Is Charlie Gilmour On Instagram?

Yes, Charlie Gilmour is under the username @charliegilmour. 

He had joined this platform a long time back as he has got more than 400 posts and a fan following of 10k people.

On Instagram, Charlie’s account is recognized as a verified account. It will be easier to find his handle as he has got a little blue tick on his name.

In one of his uploads, you can see Elton John (famous UK singer and songwriter) talk about his book Fatherhood.

It has been a month since Gilmour last posted anything on Instagram. He might be busy with some work.

Besides here, Charlie Gilmour can be found on Twitter too! He is @charliegilmour there.

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