Check-Inn Hotels, Ibadan

Check Inn Hotels is a traveller-friendly hotel situated in the lively downtown area of Check-Inn Close, behind Airtel head office, off Secretariat/U.I Road, Bodija, Ibadan. It is close to Agodi Gardens, a tourist attraction -with diverse tropical trees- often visited by families during festive periods and leisure weekends to enjoy the cool ambience of its environs.

There are a total of 35 suites in the hotel, all of them spacious, beautifully decorated and furnished. The room categories include: Executive Suites, Twin Bed Deluxe and Presidential Suites. The suites contain en-suite bathrooms, flat-screen TV with satellite receptions, two single-sitter sofa, mini bars, digital safes and an exclusive lounge for the presidential suites.

Hotel facilities at Check Inn Hotel include: A modern events centre where parties and other occasions can be held; a comfortable conference and meeting room for business driven guests; swimming pools for relaxation and the additional perk of by-the-pool cocktails; a well-equipped gym; and a restaurant that offers beautiful dishes ranging from African delicacies to continental meals.

At the request of guests, the hotel offers taxi and airport pickup services. Special on-site services include maid and dry cleaning services.

Interesting Places to Visit Near Check Inn HotelAgodi GardensKFC

Terms and ConditionsCheck-in: from 01:00 pmCheck-out: 12:00 pmCancellation: Cancellation is free for all rooms but must be before the arrival of guests.Payment: Cash and cards are accepted and all payments must be made at the point of check-in.

FAQsQ: Does Check Inn Hotel have a swimming pool?A: Yes, guests can use the swimming pool with the option of poolside cocktails.

Q: Does Check Inn Hotel offer complimentary breakfast?A: No, all meals ordered by guests from the onsite restaurant will be paid for.

Q: Is there a fitness centre/gym at Check Inn Hotel? what type of equipment are available?A: Yes, the onsite gym is well equipped.

Q: Does Check Inn Hotel have a restaurant?A: Yes, there is an onsite restaurant at Check Inn Hotel that offers a variety of dishes to guests.

Q: Does Check Inn Hotel offer airport pickup or shuttle services?A: Yes, airport and pickup services are available to guests.

Q: Does Check Inn Hotel have an event centre/conference rooms?A: Yes, there are flexible conference rooms fit for every occasion.

Q: Can you cancel your booking at Check Inn Hotel?A: Yes, guests can cancel their bookings but must be before arrival.

Q: Does Check Inn Hotel accept cash, cheques, cards and bank transfers?A: Cash and cards are the only acceptable forms of payment.

Check-Inn hotels is a top-class hotel in Ibadan, Oyo.


Check-Inn hotels

1 Check-Inn Close, Behind Zain Head Office, Off Secretariat/ U.I Road, Bodija

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