"Cheers to who i want to spend the rest of my life with", - QAP Rickslyn Myers professes love to Suma Massaley

Rickslyn Myers, a On Air Personality at Spoon Fm, has taken to social media to profess her love for Suma Massaley, Liberian internet celebrity better known as Liberian Susu, as she share some amazing picture of she and her alleged same sex lover.

There have been speculations about the nature of the duo’s friendship as both figures have been seen together having some lovely time.


Famous Liberian OAP, Rickslyn Myers and Suma Massaley has taken to their respective social media pages to express their never ending love for each other.


Taking to her Instagram page, Rickslyn Myers said that Suma is the finest human alive, and we should leave it to she and her bestie to glow.


It did not take long for Suma Massaley to share picture on Instagram along with Rickslyn Myers with the caption; "We got thick and it's serving all the right places".


There are speculations that Rickslyn Myers and Suma Massaley are in an intimate relationship, but the pair have not confirmed it.

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