Elise Guilbault Conjoint Age: Facts To Know About Actress

The Canadian actress Elise Guilbault touched 60 this April. People say ‘age is just a number’ and it is true for Elise. She still has the spirit of a 20-year-old woman. 

Elise Guilbault is a Canadian actress. She is from Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Canada.

The actress has starred in The Woman Who Drinks (directed by Bernard Émond), The Legacy (La Donation), The Novena (La Neuvaine), and A Place to Live (Pour Vivre Ici).

She is a fan favorite of the audience on television. Elise had played a colorful portrayed in Emma (a drama series). She had won a Gemini Award and three MetroStar awards.

How Old Is The Canadian Actress? Elise Guilbault Conjoint Age

The Canadian Actress Elise Guilbault is 60 years old. 

She was born in 1961. This April, Elise had turned 60. Her exact birthday is on 4th, April.

When Guilbault was 24 years old, she graduating from the National Theatre School of Canada.

After graduation in 1985, Elise made their debut at the National Arts Centre in L’Année de la Grosse tempête. It was a play directed by André Brassard and written by André Ricard.

On Elise Guilbault Conjoint Family

Elise Guilbault has two sisters and a brother.

Elise’s older sister, Denise, is the director and former director of the National Theater School. She calls Denise her “best friend”. In an article, she said, “She’s my best friend, the person who knows me best.” The difference between the two sisters is four years.

And Guilbault’s other sister is an ethnomusicologist.

Jocelyne is an internationally recognized ethnomusicologist. She teaches the relationship between music and society at Berkeley. Jocelyn is a teacher at the prestigious University of California.

Elise’s brother works in the world of finance. He has got three sons.

Jokingly, Elise said, “His extraordinary work is his three sons, while my sisters and I have no children. This is the peculiarity of our family.”

Net Worth of Elise Guilbault Conjoint

Unluckily, we could not find Elise Guilbault’s net worth online.

Sites like Net Worth Post, Celebrity Net Worth, Wealthy Gorilla, and many such pages like his have not reported Elise’s earnings.

Optimistically, Elise’s net worth will soon be updated. Her fans are calmy waiting.

A Short Bio On Elise Guilbault Conjoint

Elise is from Canada.

She has appeared both in films and television.

In the movie ‘The Woman Who Drinks (La Femme qui boit)’, Elise had won a Genie Award for being the Best Actress for her.

Aand also Elise Guilbault was a nominee for Cap Tourmente.

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