Ezee, an Unknown Rapper that Can Become an Overnight Sensation

Undoubtedly, the entertainment sector of our country is rapidly growing, and pure gem like Ezee are one of the catalysts that can reawaken the rap game in our musical industry. 

The artist just don’t turn heat to fire — but he’s also an unknown rapper that can possibly become an overnight sensation. 


Ezee’s easy flow and infectious hooks marry perfectly to the impeccably curated beats he jumps on, especially when steeped in slower, hypnotic swirls.


 His perfect combinations of Nigerian accent, standard English, and our very own colloquial, are hypnotizing — and a melody that can get you or anyone for that matter tilting their heads back and forth, and willing to support his rap game. 


In his euphonious sound E Go Late (It Will Finish), the unknown artist arrives with weight of inspiration and mesmerizing lyrics that his struggles. Your struggles, our struggles, will all one day come to closures. 


Speaking with Asafrican.com the artist describe his music as ‘great start’ meant to inspire and entertain his audience that their lifetime complexities will one day come to an end, and all will be well. 


“Life time struggles are real, and we all one way or the other face so many challenges. It Will Finish is meant to inspire and entertain my audience that life is often hard, but we should always not give up.” He said on one Sunday afternoon. 


Further noting that he would like to do musical collaborations with few artists if he’s opportune to do so. Including Kizzy WCICBucky Raw and C-jay


The rapper said that if he cannot combined with any of the above names, he would be delighted to go on an open show or allied with new booming artist, JZyno


“Yeah..I want to do songs with Kizzy W, CIC, Bucky Raw, and C-jay,” he said chuckling between his speech. 


“The same people I named. Or even if I can’t go with those guys, I can go on an open show with JZyno or the new booming artist.” 


When asked as to who inspired him to do music, Ezee explained to us that it is Nigerian musician, Mr. Eazi 


He said that the quality in him, that is not in the hitmaker, is the fact that he raps, and Mr. Eazi sings.


Thus saying that is attraction to Mr. Eazi music, is both his tone and the evidence that he sounds sometimes as Nigerian, and sometimes as Ghanian. 


“At first, I thought he was Ghanian, till I had to do research and understand that he’s Nigerian". Ezee ended.


The twenty-one year old entertainer also shared his views about few of the challenges he faces as musician. 


He clarified that his first major challenge in his career; is promotion of his song, and secondly, he doesn’t have the finance and sufficient studio time to produce quality bangers. 


“For me, uh..I got lot of challenges, but the first one here is uh, is promotion of the song. Secondly, that studio time. I don’t have that studio time,” he said. 


He additionally informed us that the person who does his recording is his church friend who he and him were in the West Coast Boys together, and would be excited to have someone who would support his career and he can call as his sponsor or manager.


“The person who does my recording, is my friend. We all were in the West Coast Boys together. So, I don’t have the studio time. I also don’t have the finance to do the promotion. 


I don’t have somebody really pushing my music. It is just my senior brother who try to help once in a while, and will need someone who will be there as my manager and tell me just do the song and I will take care of the promotion and everything else.”


In addition, the artist explained his thoughts on how the internet has impacted the musical industry in Liberia. 


He said that he feels impressed that today so many artists can use the platform to help promote their songs. He withal thanked to those who vibes to his music for their supports, and informed the public that he has dropped his brand new single titled "Complicated"



Listen to all Ezee’s music here: //soundcloud.com/user-758205918/ezee-e-go-late-prod-by-shino?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=1


Written By: Thomas Williams Fomba 

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