‘Friendship and Family Shit’: Awards winning hip-hop artist C Note, slams Liberia Music Awards for Favoritisms

Awards winning hip-hop artist C Note, who suddenly was not nominated for this year’s MLMA's shared his thoughts with us in which the artist described that failure for the organizers to include him on the list is ‘business as usual’. 

He said that for the past three years he has dominated hip hop in the industry and to not be selected for the award is indeed hilarious. The artist further noted that on ‘period’ he has been the number one hip-hop artist in Liberia. 

“Uh, I feel like business as usual, but I mean..uh, It’s funny to me. You already know. You already it’s funny, because in Liberia, hip hop...I would say for the last three years, I have been number one hip hop artist in Liberia. Period,” he said. 

C-Note detailed that he held down Liberia to a good standard and made it to where people now respect hip-hop. Further justifying, that for two years, Scientific who is one of the pioneers of hip-hop, had not dropped a single song, but made the list.

And Co-z Kamikazee who recently dropped his album, was hidden when he produced hit-song, 'High Target'. 

He also mentioned that he respects other pioneers of hip-hop like Queen V, Takun-J, and Nigga Blow. However, he acknowledged that they are names of yesterday. 

I have held Liberian down to a good standard. I have made it to where people respect hip hop now.”

For two years, Scientific didn’t drop one song. Uh..before Co-Z just dropped his album, Co-Z was in hidden after I dropped High Target on him.”

So, pretty much for two to three years, I ran hip-hop. I held hip-hop in Liberia. And you know, and pretty much understand that Scientific family members is also part of the board..and part of the team at Lonestar for the award show and all that. 

And you know, I take a lot of shots at Science because, a lot of people..uh, go for Science, because Science is the pioneer in Liberia. He’s the pioneer.. he’s the one that brought really hip-hop to Liberia, and I respect that. I respect him for it..and I thank him for it. 

But in life, there is always a new age and a new root that always come through. See Takun-J. He was number one at the time.. but now, he took back what he’s doing, known as the guy, but he’s not the guy. 

See Nigga Blow. He also was a pioneer for hip-co music, he was known as the guy, but right now he’s not the guy. 

Queen V, and these people who worked hard and elevated the game to a standard where our music is realized and understood in other areas in the world, these people do not get nominated.” The hip-hop entertainer justified, clarifying reasons as to why he thinks he’s the best. 

He also felt that he was cheated last year at the MTN Liberia Music Awards. He said that for sure, he thinks so, because, there’s no hip-hop artist right now in our country that he and them can walk on the streets, and they receive more love than him. Thus indicating another ‘period’ and that he’s firm and stern on his words.

The artist in addition, questioned decisions of the organizers as to why they give last year award to Scientific, when he didn’t release a single song  — and that, he won another dubious award which he didn’t earn. 

Last year, I was definitely cheated at the MLMA. For sure, I don’t care whether they go and make fake bullshits and say people won, but I know I won that.”

Because there’s no Liberian hip-hop artist that can walk in the streets in Liberia, and get more love than me. Period.”

“And I can stand on it...I can stand firm on it. One day you will walk in the streets with them, and then come and walk in the streets with me, then you will see who get the most love in the streets. 

Who is well respected through Monrovia and Liberia for hip-hop music, and pushing hip-hop in Liberia. You know, so I felt very disrespected. 

Even last year, they go give it to Science. Science ain’t drop no song last year. So if they want to talk about work ethics and say this year.. cause I agree, that this year I only dropped two songs. 

So I agree with it..if they want to talk about work ethics, then why was Science even nominated last year for the Liberian awards, when Science didn’t drop one song last year?” C-Note probed rhetorically. 

“And then, they went again with a fake award that they saying he earned, which he didn’t. Just out of brotherhood,” he added. 

The 2018 Liberia Music Awardship-hop artist winner suggested that, if we all should stand against something, then we all should stand united against it and be tough on it. 

He stated that the entertainment industry that we all intend to build, should not be based on the ‘who knows who’ syndrome, and that, it is not business wise for the awards selection to be based on favoritisms and impartiality. 

“If we are going to stand on something brother, let’s stand on it and let’s be tall on it. This is an entertainment business that we all trying to build together. 

If we want to build this entertainment business, we have to stand for something. It’s not friendship. These guys do a lot of friendship and family shit. That’s not business wise.”

“Because if you let your family run your business, what do you have when your family eat your money?” He asked. 

“This is a business we are running. So we have to stand on our toes and our feet and really stand for something. 

And that’s the problem with us in Liberia. We never can stand for nothing". 

C-Note clarified which Asafrican.com has confirmed that the last two years he has been nominated for all top-notch hip-hop shows in Liberia, and won three out of the four awards that he had been categorized in. 

Our team also established that the hip-hop artist won two Tunes Liberia Awards and one MTN Liberia Music Award, excluding this year’s awards which he was not placed in. 

We learnt and verified that this year in Ghana, he has been cataloged for the Liberian Entertainment Awards in the hip-hop label. 

“You know, let’s put it like this, the last two years, I have been nominated in all the hip-hop awards show, and in the last two years, out of four awards, I have won three of them. 

It speaks for itself. I won two Tunes Liberia, and I won one MLMA.. that they took me out this year for. So that speaks for itself. In two years, I have won three out of the four. 

This year I was nominated in Ghana for the Liberian Entertainment Awards in Ghana. Then MLMA want to tell me that I don’t deserve to be nominated for the award?” He interviewed. 

The artist said that he’s not attempting to be rude on Oweezy or anything soever, but questioned he (Oweezy) and others that made the list this year.

Even though he regards Co-z and Scientific contributions to hip-hop. He declared that the MLMA made joke of itself by at least not nominating him for the award. 

“I’m not trying to disrespect the artist, but who is Oweezy or whatever..who are they in Liberia? In Liberia, the only hip-hop artists that I knew in Liberia is me, Co-z, and Scientific. Let’s be real.”

“The MLMA made fun out of itself and it’s okay..I can take it.”

“Because you know, the plastic don’t come with money..For me, I’m chasing the money, and I can take it..but it’s still very disrespectful, and I stand on what I say. You know?”

When asked as to how he felt about Jaredo’s presence on the lists this year, C-Note lauded the artist for appearing on the list couple of times; and said that he feels great that the young star is competing for the award. 

He withal acknowledged that the situation that happened between Jaredo and him sometime ago, was ‘nothing’, and it is all media twist that he’s speculated differently in the public. 

“I feel great. Let the pekin (my small brother) win. That situation wasn’t no situation.”

“You see, the thing Liberian people know how to make everything big. And what happened between he and I was nothing.” The artist clarified. 

Furthermore, he shared his thoughts on Rickslyn Myers continuously being selected as host of MTN Liberia Music Awards

The sensational artist agreed that there should be massive overhaul in event host, and said that her constant selection of her being host of the event every year, goes back to the ‘family shit’ that he (C-Note) mentioned. 

“I think brother, that’s a good question. I think that goes back to what I say about the family shit  with in the MLMA. They do a lot of things as family shit, and don’t do it as a entertainment business.”

“The MLMA cannot work without us, artists. Without artists, the MLMA doesn’t make money. They make money over us. With the award show, they get sponsorship which brings revenue for them. 

You see, so pretty much, they are using us to gain money. So, they have to treat us right. They have to do things the right way. 

This thing should not be run on family shit. This thing should be run on who is who and who love them in the game. And this goes back to what I said earlier”, he concluded. 


Written by: Thomas Williams Fomba

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