Has Atsuover Done A Face Reveal? Facts To Know o

The YouTuber Atsuover has already revealed her face. When did she reveal her face? Find out more about her.

A professional YouTuber & Twitch streamer, Atsuover creates and distributes content online.

Atsuover has lined herself up with thousands of subscribers and followers by making whatever art she enjoys.

Atsuover Face Reveal

The YouTube video titled Moving Forward features Atsuover’s face reveal.

In 2021, a video revealing the identity of the face was posted. She only exposed her face in the last few seconds of her gaming video, which was 11 and a half minutes long.

The Twitch streamer gave a condition in one of her videos for revealing her face. And, that is, if Atsuover reaches 200k subscribers and manages to keep them for a long time, the artist told about showing her face.

Once her YouTube channel crossed 200,000 subscribers, Atsuover revealed her face to everyone, just as she had promised once she met her condition.

There has been no physical appearance of Atsuover on-screen since then. Viewers can only hear Atsuover’s voice.

Atsuover Gender

In actuality, Atsuover describes herself as transgender, and as such, she is legally recognized as a girl. Because of the masculineness of her voice, many have mistaken her for a boy, but that’s not the case.

As the YouTuber uses her pronouns to identify herself, she described how she realized how her body was changing as she transitioned to trans and her hormones were acting up. She also mentioned that she got her legal and social security stuff changed last year in 2020.

After some people noticed the change in Atsuover’s voice, they began to believe that she was a man. Occasionally, her voice sounds masculine, but in many other videos, it does not.

A video titled “My voice is an Enigma” was posted by the artist in march 2021 where she discussed her reason for changing her voice. She came out publicly in 2018 and also made a separate video.

Atsuover Real Name and Age

The real name of Atsuover is Anne, but she has never revealed that to her fans or viewers.

As with her face, she also made her fans and viewers wait for the revelations in the future.

The year 2021 marks Atsuover’s 19th birthday.

In celebration of her birthday, she produced an animated video on YouTube. Her birthday is on the 5th of October.

Currently, Atsuover’s name does not appear on Wikipedia. However, her social media activity has made it easy to find some information about her.

Atsuover on Twitter

Atsuover can be found on Twitter under the handle @atsuover. She has 60k followers on Twitter till date.

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