Has Benita Urey just confirmed pregnancy rumours?

Earlier this month, Asafrican.com reported that The Liberian Influence CEO Benita Urey was carrying her car dealer boyfriend Mohammed Bah's child.

According to sources, Benita Urey has been showing signs of being pregnant. And she always talked about her expecting her first child.

Benita Urey has finally confirmed rumours that she is pregnant with her first child.

The Liberian Influence CEO Benita Urey retweeted from a tweet from a Twitter user identified as Safari, asking God to protect mother and child before, during and after pregnancy. 


"Benita and Mohammed definitely have an interest in having children together, they both want kids together and will prioritize this". A source said.

Benita Urey had been rumored to be pregnant few weeks ago and we guess this is to put the rumors to rest. 


This recent tweets made fans everywhere wonder if she was actually being serious or not. Though this is her first child, it is actually Mohammed second! He has his first child from his first relationship, but the two seem very happy and are enjoying the pregnancy.

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