Hotel Coskani Limited, Aba , Nigeria

The rumours about the exquisitely neat hotels for just pocket friendly prices are true! Hotel Coskani Limited welcomes you to Aba with its grandeur, splendour, and exotic decor. We are willing to supply you with diligent services that match your money in value. Our hotel sits conveniently at NO 145 Jubilee Road, Aba, Abia. We have been rated as a five star hotel and we are equipped with basically all the ultramodern facilities to bring a weary traveller’s soul to peaceful rest.


Our disciplined yet friendly staffs have been trained to serve no one else but you. Our guestrooms are of a superior splendour and we offer the best facilities. The buffet at the restaurant features the best continental meals as well as the African dishes. Words aren’t enough to paint a similar picture of our hotel’s luxury. Do book a room with us today and be marvelled by our diligence.


Hotel Coskani Limited

NO 145 Jubilee Road , Aba ,


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