How do bloggers make money in Ghana?

Bloggers in Ghana make money by monetizing content on their blogs. There are so many ways that bloggers in Ghana monetize their blogs to make money. The rest of this post discusses some of the ways blogs are monetized in Ghana.

Ad Network

The popular and easiest way to monetize blogs in Ghana is to register with an Ad Network. Ad Networks work like agencies that collect ads from advertisers and serve them on online platforms, including blogs. The most popular and best Ad Network is Google Adsense. Other Ad Networks include MGID, Content Ad, Taboola, Propeller Ads, and others.

Direct Ads

Just as the name implies, Direct Advertising is when an advertiser deals with bloggers directly. Companies and organizations that wish to advertise on the blogs contact the owners directly through the contact details on the blogs for their rates. These ads do not involve ad networks and usually pay higher. The only problem with Direct Ad is that it’s difficult to get. Advertisers always prefer to deal with popular brands and this makes it difficult for most blogs to get this kind of ads.

Some Ghanaian bloggers do not wait for companies to reach out to them but rather contact them with proposals.


Soli is a term for monies paid to journalists for attending press conferences. Entertainment bloggers in Ghana are invited to press conferences and launches. They receive ‘soli’ for showing up at these conferences. Some are paid ‘soli’ for attending events; birthday parties, naming ceremonies, and others.

Guest Posts / Press Release

Bloggers charge for guest posts and certain press releases. When a press release is too promotional, bloggers may charge before publishing it on their blogs. Other sites that are looking for mentions on other sites may send pay bloggers to publish a guest post from them that links back to their blog.

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