How Old Is Isabella Revilla? Everything To Know About Sheamus Girlfriend

Isabella is 18 years younger than her boyfriend, Sheamus. She is 25 years old. 

Isabella Revilla is the long-time girlfriend and now the fiancee of WWE Superstar Sheamus.

How Old Is Isabella Revilla? Age And Birthday

Isabella Revilla is 25 years old. She was born in 1996. Revilla is 18 years younger than Sheamus.

She celebrates her birthday in December.

Isabella Revilla: Sheamus’s Girlfriend

Isabella Revilla announced her engagement with WWE wrestler Sheamus.

She had posted a series of pictures on her Instagram. She said, “Couldn’t imagine a more magical place to say YES. Couldn’t imagine a better person to spend my life with.”

They have been together for 3-4 years.

Isabella has a twin sister, Miranda Revilla.

What Is Isabella Revilla’s Nationality?

Isabella Revilla’s nationality is American.

Isabella Revilla: Height

Unfortunately, Isabella Revilla has not shared the details about her height.

If we look at her pictures, she is not that tall.

On Isabella Revilla’s Parents

Isabella’s mother died eight years ago. She died in 2013; however, the reason behind her demise is yet unknown.

Little is known about Isabella’s father. She and her sister, Miranda, have kept pictures on their Instagram. We do recognize their father, but his name and identity are not known.

What Is The Net Worth Of Isabella Revilla?

We could find the net worth of Isabella Revilla.

She is a graduate of Baruch College and has done a B.A., majoring in Corporate Communications. She works for Mortgage World Bankers. In a corporate world, an employee is paid well.

On the other hand, Isabella’s fiancee is worth millions. As per CelebrityNetWorth, Sheamus’s net worth is $7 million. 

Meet Isabella Revilla On Instagram

Isabella Revilla’s account on Instagram is under the username @isabella.revilla. She has enormous followers on Instagram, all thanks to her boyfriend. Revilla has 12.5k followers.

Her sister, Miranda, will be her maid of honor. We found this information on Isabella’s Instagram. She has just returned to the States after a long staying in Dublin, Ireland.

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