Hurling the Curtains Down: The Hypocrisy In Most Female Advocates 

The double standard now on display with regard to the fight against Sexual Gender Based Violence, has driven hypocrisy to new depths, as many of the same people fighting for women’s rights, particularly gender equality, has taken to their social media pages encouraging netizens to boycott popular show, Miss Earth Pageant.

Including women’s rights advocate and blogger Benita Urey, the daughter of popular Businessman, Benoni Urey. On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, in a Facebook post, the aforementioned icon took to her personal page encouraging her followers to boycott Miss Earth Pageant.

The show which has taken exceeding lengths in winning the President’s support in producing a brand new banger enabling growth for Liberia’s very own Queen, Wokie Dolo.

Several questions has been raised as to why their furies are being directed towards the show, when it should be multiplied at the President or government for not meeting few of their recent protests demands? How will boycotting the event solve the issues of rape crises in the country? How will it solve not only rape, but the series of other problems in the motherland? 

But, one solid question we at dare to ask, is why do so many who strongly advocate for more women’s rights, and more women to be empowered, turn so despicably against their fellow women who are willing to put themselves forward?

This is the case of Queen Wokie Dolo. They really don’t see her as a woman at all. They look at her with so much hate and see her as a person favored by the President. They aren’t willing to give her show support, they give her no credit for hosting an event that empower not only her but other women, they preferred to discourage hundreds of people on social media and in private to resist participating in Miss Earth Pageant, all because the President or government may have refused to listen to their somewhat unreasonable demands. 

They don’t even give her the smallest modicum of respect. They insult her, call her names, and willing to pull her down by any other means. 

Benita Urey who was one of the main leaders of the recent protests, would rather take to her social media page and encourage ger followers to boycott the show, when she didn’t do the same to the Gala Night of Big Brabee Liberia, the show which she did Mc quite recently. When she didn’t do it to her very own Imodils event, the modeling agency which she owns. 

What a sheer hypocrisy not only in her, but in them. Wokie isn’t only a respected national icon, but her works are also acknowledged at an international stage. This makes her a young woman, like every other woman to be supported and promoted. 

Anything other than that, is a brutal irony to what they preach. 

Written by: Thomas Williams Fomba

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