LEAK CHAT! The ‘bomb-ass gays’ in Sametta Peters and Coolgirl Candy

With majority of the public still holding the views that both Rickslyn Myers and Suma are allegedly lesbians, Asafrican.com has also received eye-shocking information that well-known Facebook personality Sametta Peters is also in the same batch. 

Our source who asked for anonymity disclosed to Asafrican.com  that the aforeknown individual is in a sexual relationship with Coolgirl Candy (pseudonym), and that the couple has been in an affair for what seemed to be more than a year plus or even more.

Look here. Sametta and Coolgirl are both bomb-ass gays and have been in a relationship for a year plus or more.” Our source who wrote us via text said with the screenshots. 

Be reminded that the penal Law of our country clarifies that same-sex sexual activity in Liberia is illegal and provides a punishment in jail up to one year maximum, and/or a maximum of Liberian Dollars $1,000 fine, or both. 



Click the link below to see several screenshots between Sametta and Coolgirl Candy.


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