Macdee Hotel, Ipaja

Macdee is situated at 9/10 cosmos, 2 storey, Baruwa, Ipaja, Lagos. A spacious facility that’s simply a home away from home. The hotel boasts of excellent room service and 24 hour electricity powered by the standby generator.The rooms are spacious and furnished with beautiful chairs and a bed so comfortable you won’t want to wake up. Each room has its own refrigerator and television. The entire building structure is air-conditioned to maintain a cool atmosphere, just the way you like it. The rooms also come en-suite with bathrooms and there is a game room for entertainment purposes. Our restaurant offers a long menu of local dishes and you can grab something to drink at the bar whether you like alcoholic beverages or not.We have round the clock security service and there is ample parking space for your vehicles. Terms and Conditions apply when booking this hotel

Macdee Hotel is an affordable hotel in Ipaja, Lagos.


Macdee Hotel

9/10 Cosmos Avenue, 2 Storey, Baruwa

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