Man's girlfriend brings native doctor to see his man at the hospital

Netizens could not control their laughter when they sighted a video on Abingoslayking's official Facebook page. 

The video showed a native doctor all dressed in a red attire paying visit to a patient admitted at the hospital ward. According to the video,the lover of a man who was sick brought in extra help to speed up his delayed recovery.

The native doctor was very interactive with the doctor in charge and seemed to be having no doubts about his medical doubts. 

The girlfriend of the man was however restless. She could be seen in the video trying to feel the heat from her boyfriend's forehead. She would then give him a bottle of juice for him to drink every few minutes.

There were hilarious reactions from most people on the Nigerian social media. Some however did not want to believe the fact that a real native doctor could do such a thing and rather labelled it as one of those Nigerian comedy skits.

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