Marie Eve Bedard Age Conjoint: How Old Is The Journalist?

The trending Journalist Marie Eve Bedard’s age as of 2021 isn’t revealed. Find whether if Marie has a separate Wikipedia profile or not. 

Marie is a well-known Senior Correspondent who has been working at the News network Radio-Canada. Furthermore, when she first joined Radio-Canada she had signed for the post of Public Affairs Director.

Talking of her educational background, she graduated from the Jonquiere College in 1996 with a degree in Journalism. She has been covering many important incidents and one of them is the terrorist attack of September 11.

Currently, she has been broadcasting the news and the condition of Afghanistan after the Taliban have taken over the nation.

Name Marie Eve Bedard
Gender Female
Profession Journalist
Married/Single Unknpwn

Marie Eve Bedard Age

The exact age of Marie Eve Bedard hasn’t got discovered. But from an unofficial source site, her age has been assumed to be in the forties.

She has been working in the field of Journalism for 2 decades now, but she still has the same passion, energy, and dedication as a fresher.

Marie has kept her personal life away from the spotlight. The identity of her partner hasn’t got disclosed either.

Marie Eve Bedard Wikipedia Bio

The Journalist Marie Eve Bedard’s Wikipedia profile is still missing on the Internet.

However, we can find her career details and academic records in her official  Linkedin profile.

She joined the News network, Radio-Canada in 1998 as a Director of the Washington department. After five years of dedication, she got promoted to the post of Bilingual director.

Similarly, she is the co-founder of the Association of Women Journalists of Quebex which promotes the women in Journalism field. They also encourage women for empowerment.

Throughout her career as a reporter and Journalist, she has mostly covered the news of Middle East Regions. In addition, she was appointed as the Middle East Correspondent in 2013.

Disclosing Marie Eve Bedard Salary

As a Senior Correspondent and Journalist, Marie Eve Bedard’s base salary is revealed to be around $42k.

But until she, herself, confirms her earnings as of 2021, we can’t say anything for sure.

Marie has been serving for the post of Director of Journalist at Radio-Canada for over a decade (14 years precise). She has worked for both Radio and Television news shows.

At present, she also works as a contributor and blogger at the Radio-Canada website. She has reported both, National and International level news. In short, she has covered the wars of Afghanistan, Arab, Iran, mainly focusing middle east zone.

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