Money&Salvation Is On The Verge Of Collapse

There has been a lot of great music in the Liberian music industry. We owe it to the proper  functioning of the vibrant Liberians record labels. However some of these record labels have fallen off the top. We don’t hear anything from their artistes anymore.

Its a very competitive industry out there. New players are coming on daily. Some of them already have enough money and are willing to spend it lavishly to get what they want.

Fans in Liberia hardly ever buy original CDs, songs and album are leaked for free download online; how is the label expected to recoup the funds they have spent?

Money&Salvation looked set to take the music industry by storm and became one of the most talked about label in the music industry. This was because of their skills at grooming good artists. They have Baka Ex, Sammi Caine and Yung Classic. They had artistes like HomeBoy Jethro on their roster in the past but things have watered down ever since.

Owned by Koush Wills, the label was well known all over Liberia for their good work in the music industry. Today, the label is struggling to survive with nothing much heard about the once influential label.

However, in a recent development, it appears that the CEO journey with the record label has come to an end, as he recently made an announcement of his exit on social media.

You might have been suspicious about the record label silence of recent, we can tell you your instincts are not far from correct.