Mother with 19 children & 7 grandchildren pleads for support from the general public

Whether the number of children is decided amongst most African couples these days is still an uncertainty since most parents end up having a larger family than the one they could possibly cater for.

In an Instagram video shared by Ghana’s Adom TV, a woman by name Janet Kyiriwaa is seen begging for help from the public to help her cater for her 19 kids and 7 grandchildren.

She claims that even getting access to food is a major problem for their family.

The woman whose age is unknown lives in Adabokrom and is involved in a cocoa business stated that she yields very little from this business. 

One of her sons who identifies as her fourth child claims to be the only one attending Senior High School at the moment. 

He further explained their hardships including his mother not being able to raise enough money to get him books for studies.

However, no information was given about the whereabouts of the woman’s husband.

Check the video from their Facebook page 

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