Msdirtybird: Facts To Know About Twitch Star

Msdirtybird is a Twitch streamer who is currently 22 years old. Find about her career details, real name, and Instagram account name in this article. 

She is a Twitch streamer who has amassed a considerable fan following for her content on gaming. She is known to play one of the Trending games, the Rocket League.

From the gaming platform, Twitch she holds numerous world records. She completed a spontaneous 24 hours stream on March 24, 2021, and also started a three-year challenge on May 2, 2021.

She recently apologized to her viewers saying that she had been faking her disease since January 2021. She had earlier said that she was suffering from cancer.

Name Msdirtybird
Age 22 years old
Gender Female
Profession Streamer
Instagram @msdirtybird91
Twitter @MsDirtyBird91

Who Is Msdirtybird On Twitch? Her Age

As mentioned earlier Msdirtybird is 22 years old as stated in her Instagram bio.

Her full date of birth hasn’t got disclosed to this date. In addition, her nationality and birthplace are still a mystery.

She has opened up in her Twitch account that she previously worked as a sales associate. And started streaming on February 27, 2015.

Msdirtybird Real Name

According to Msdirtybird’s Twitch about section, her real name is Kaw. But the name seems incomplete.

All of her Social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch channel are registered under the name Msdirtybird

She has crossed 1,800 Twitch followers mainly playing the PC Game” Rocket League,”. It is a popular video game where cars play soccer. In addition, she had previously streamed for 120 straight days.

Her primary income source was through donations she received from viewers and fan followers.

She broke her regular streaming routine on Monday saying that she was not actually diagnosed with cancer. She had previously claimed to be diagnosed with metastatic cancer on Twitch and in comments on the messaging platform Discord.

Moreover, she got immediately removed from the gaming organization N7 esports. And she also received a lot of criticism on platforms, Twitter, and Reddit after a member of the “Rocket League” community accused her of lying about her condition.

She also told Insider that she “will regret it for the rest of my life.”

Find Msdirtybird On Instagram

She has her official Instagram account under the username @msdirtybird91. In addition, there are only 273 followers at present.

Similarly, we can also find her Twitter account with the nametag @MsDirtyBird91. Both of her accounts, Twitter and Instagram are made private at present.

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