Offa Central Hotel, Offa, Nigeria

Offa Central Hotel is where we offer unique and stylish hospitality. Our hotel has been cleverly built to wow guests and bring them to reasonable satisfaction. We have understanding staffs that are ever willing to please guests and see to it that whatever they desire is made available.

We are located at 13 olofa Way, Offa, Kwara. Our rooms are beautiful and each with its own unique splendour is furnished in a way that allows easy movement and serenity. Our large beds are very soft and comfortable. We strive so much to make the rooms spotless and shiny as they always are.

We serve great meals and our bar is wonderfully equipped with the best of drinks.


Book a room with us today, we are unique and entertaining.


Offa Central Hotel

13 olofa Way, Offa, Offa,


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