Ore Ofe Guest House, Ilesha

Whenever you are in Ilesha, always visit Oore Ofe Guest House for your decent, quality and affordable accommodation needs. Located on Ijebu-Ijesha road in the Coca-Cola Area of the lively Town, Oore Ofe Guest house is the picture of modest elegance.  The reception in this hotel is superb, it is tastefully furnished and the members of staff are always available to help. This Guest house caters to the accommodation needs of all and sundry and that is why they have different room types on offer, all at very affordable prices.  With their stocked bar, Oore Guest House clearly makes a statement that they are located in the same town that houses the International Breweries Ltd, so it is enjoyment and relaxation unlimited as you will be treated to any drink of your choice.

Ore Ofe Guest House is hotel in Ilesha, Osun.


Ore Ofe Guest House

Coca-Cola Area,Ijebu-Ijesha Road

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