P. Diddy revealed as the Executive Producer for Burna Boy’s “Twice As Tall” album

Netizens were eager to get a hold on Nigerian favorite star, Burna Boy’s forthcoming album  named ”Twice As Tall” when  it became known that American superstar singer and record producer, Sean John Combs guided the production of the album as its executive producer.

Burna Boy whose real name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu Rex, had his African Giant album nominated for best world music album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards earlier this year and it was a promising move for his fans that he entrusted the production of his forthcoming album to none other than Sean Combs a.k.a P.Diddy.

While interviewed by the New York Times, Burna Boy stated that he is building a bridge that leads every Black person in the world to come together and that he has made it his mission to continue down that path.

Speaking on his new album which is set to be released in August, 

He said:

“I’ve never picked up a pen and paper and written down a song in my life. It all just comes, like someone is standing there and telling me what to say. It’s all according to the spirits. Some of us are put on this earth to do what we do.” 

It was also revealed that greater part of the album was recorded during the lockdown stimulated by Coronavirus pandemic. Burna Boy and Diddy made sure the collaboration happened through Zoom calls and transfer of necessary files. Some of the tracks on the LP contained voice-over intros from Diddy and added musical elements from other American stars including Anderson Paak and Timbaland.

Diddy felt honoured to head the production of the album and sounded confident about his skills. 

“I’m on record that I like hit records. If they’re not hit records, I don’t like them…A lot of times when an artist wants to be coached or pushed to maybe a greater level, that’s where I’ve come in.”  He said. 

He continued; 

“He, as every artist, he wants his music to be heard by the world. He doesn’t care about crossing over. You know, he’s not trying to get hot. He’s not, like, ‘I want to be a big pop star’ — he’s already a star. He wants his music to be heard, his message, his people.” 

The mega-producer was however brought in when the album was almost 80 percent of completed so that he might contribute “fresh ears” to the upcoming project.

He further went ahead to describe the LP as a modern but pure, unapologetic African body of work.

 “The thing that I learned about him is the importance of what he’s doing for his nation and representing the people that aren’t really heard globally. Through this album, I think it’s important for Africa to be heard. And so it’s bigger than just an album. He’s not just on a musical artist trip.

 He’s a revolutionary. ” Diddy concluded whiles applauding Burna boy’s dedication to his musical journey.

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