Peaks 100 : Facts To Know About TikTok Star

The Famous Hashtag #Peaks100 is one of the most  followed trend in  tiktok.The Hashtag Creater, Peaks100 “TheVillain” is the Tiktok and a Instragram Influncer.He has 439.5k followers in tiktok and 74.7K followers in Instagram.

The Majority of Videos published by Peaks 100 is very engaging and Funny which are mostly about silly experiments. His experiments are followed by many his followers and viewers.They practise his Experiments  and post them with the #peaks100. Most of his Videos has More than 1M views and are Shared by more than 5000 people.

About Peaks100

His All time Favourite singers are Drake and Asap Rocky. Peaks mentioned in one of his post that he never gets tired of listening to Drake’s and Rocky’s Song. their songs are only those which he listens from begining to the end.

 He prefers online shopping rather than going to the store. In one of his Videos Peaks has Included all his Reasons for chossing Online Shopping.

He Hates Remote.

He doesnt beleive in Zodiac. Rather he considers Zodiac beleifs as an Hoax. He has explained about his belief in one of his video in a very sarcastic way.

Peaks100 Most Watched Content  in Tiktok

Worse  people at Public RestroomsWhat is DMW?Searching #peaks100 in googleGood snacks that were ruined

Most of his Mentioned videos has millions views in tiktok.His  fans are going crazy over his content and are passing many comments and likes on the videos.

While the followers are going insane to know more about peaks100, He hasnt disclosed any of his personal information in any platform.The curiosity of his followers are growing day by day to see him on the big platform.

Crazy Experiments

 What Happesn when you consume to much fried chicken?

What would happen if you eat alot of yummy snacks?

Things you should never get from 7-11.

Why shouldn’t people fight in Shopping Mall?

#Peaks100 inspires people through his videos in tiktok and instagram. He talks about many content where people are ashamed and shy to open up about.

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