Royal Bell T, Ibadan, Nigeria

Welcome to the ancient city of Ibadan. We a are a friendly people with a rich cultural heritage. We are known for our hospitality and ease of life. We at Royal bell Hotel seek to combine our hospitality, with ease and top it off with affordability. We want to welcome you, our esteemed guest to our establishment. Situated at Ayeni Layout, Asipa, Odo-Ona Elewe, Elewe, Nigeria we offer premium accommodation services at budget friendly rates.

Our facilities include: ample parking space, restaurant, richly designed bedding facilities, and professional services.

Want to experience Ibadan firsthand? why not come down to our restaurant to have a taste of mouth watering local delicacies guaranteed to keep you satiated. In our establishment, your vehicles are safe from theft or damage as we not only offer onsite parking, we are protected by a security complex. We want our guests to feel as secure as possible.

Our bedding arrangements boast of ultramodern facilities tailored to make your stay comfortable. Depending on your choice, we have rooms of different sizes, offering different facilities all at affordable prices. Each room contains; ensuite bathroom and toilet, fridge, chair and Queen size beds. Our rooms come as single room or double room. Whether it is business or leisure, we are equipped to cater for your needs.

Our professional yet warm staff ensure that you do not lack for anything. If you need anything, remember, we are here to serve you. We want to make sure that we make your stay as warm, comfortable and affordable as we possibly can. We want to leave you with memories that last a life time.


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Royal Bell T

1 Ayen Layout Orita Challenge, Ibadan,


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