Secondary school students pull up at school with a car and iPhone

They say money rules the world and the hand that possesses it controls almost everything. Two school boys who somehow managed to gather enough money to buy a car and an iPhone during the pandemic pulled up to school in a classic style.

Recent photos of these secondary school students went viral including one in which showed they had two car keys.

The boys known as Benefit Boys rose to popularity after a video of them chasing their physics teacher out of their car popped up on social media. 

They complained about how long they had been driving without getting to their teacher’s house and therefore found it unnecessary to keep him in their expensive ride.

Looking at their behaviour and attitude, one could conclude that the boys only showed up to school to show off their expensive items.

Here are other photos of them taking their principal out for a pizza treat.


Here is a link to the viral video.

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Azalekor McLord Selasi - Aug 8, 2020, 1:52 PM - Add Reply

Hardcore students😂😂

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