Senmut hotel, Luxor, Egypt

Senmut Luxor B&B EgyptSenmut is the first and only Bed & Breakfast ( b&b ) accommodation in Luxor (Egypt). A Bed & Breakfast (also called guesthouse) is a home that is partially made available for guests. A Bed & Breakfast is usually small, informal, quiet and safe (it is not a public building). Senmut is located on the Westbank, the more rural area of Luxor with its (traditional) villages, but also close to the city and its tourist attractions. Senmut offers you a comfortable holiday in a b&b, with peace and privacy, but also with room for contact and inspiration.


Senmut hotel

Egypt, Luxor Governorate, Luxor, Luxor City, Ramla Street – West Bank Luxor Egypt エジプト・アラブ共和国, Luxor,


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