Shakky Motel 1, Lagos Island, Nigeria

Shakky Motel 1 is where you find all the serenity and soothe any hotel has to offer. We have ample parking space for our guests with cars. We offer complete security and constant electricity; power outage is a long forgotten story with us. Welcome to Shakky Motel 1where we are always ready to take you in for only pocket friendly prices, our beautiful lodges have been built to please guests and make them feel at home when they are a very long way from their actual homes.

We have the best in-room technology and modern amenities to make your stay pleasurable. Come and spend a night with us today and our pleasant services would force you to spend more nights.


We have a great restaurant that features all kinds of special meals plus our bar is fully stocked with your favourite kind of drinks. You are welcome, book a room with us today!


Shakky Motel 1

No. 7, Adams Street, Off Tokunbo Street, Lagos Island,


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