Skateboarder Zane Timpson Obituary – His Death Explored

Skateboarder Zane Timpon Obituary came from an article posted in Thrasher Magazine; Let’s explore the cause of his death.

Rising skateboarding star was born and raised in California. He even stayed in San Francisco from 2013 for about seven years before moving to Encinitas.

Zane was a member of the Bones Wheels Team alongside many amateur and pro skaters, including legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

With his impressive skateboarding skills, he was a star on Instagram with 40,000 followers.  

Zane was a poet and loved to write. He had just released his book “Sufferlove” in October 2021.

Zane Timpon Obituary: What Happened To Him?

Zane Timpson Obituary came upon as a surprise in the skateboarding community. 

Although almost a week has already gone by since the obituary, the reason for his death is yet to be determined.

An article published in the Thrasher by his friend, Adam Anorga, brought to attention that a highly skilled skateboarder, Zane Timpson was dead.

How Did Zane Timpson Die?

As of now, the cause of Zane Timpson has yet to be revealed, and there is no information provided from Zane’s family side. They are under immense pain and grieving over the uncertain incident that occurred.

It is a significant loss for the family and the skateboarding communities all over the world. It might have been heartbreaking for his girlfriend to see him leave so soon.

Who Is Zane Timpon; His Wiki Explored

Zane Timpson’s pal Adam considers himself lucky to have gotten the opportunity to know him, as he explains how Zane was more than just a skateboarder but multifaceted.

He was an existentialist hero who was actively aware of his responsibility for himself and humanity. However, it seems likely that our hero ultimately succumbed to an existential crisis.

Adam writes, “

The depth of his character carried us all to push our boundaries not only in skateboarding but in all different forms of self-expression.”

Zane Timpson also loved writing and was a fan of words. He was a poet and even has a book on his name called “Sufferlove,” published recently on October 2021.

This book is not regular non-fiction you would read; it is half-zine, half-dairy, half scrapbook, half portfolio, half poetry chapbook drawn put together, just like how a man who loves words would write. His book may not be organized but has words that hold the message.

The book is an expression of Zane’s perceptions of this world. He understood the meaning of existence a lot more intensely. He knew the suffering that came along with it.

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