The African tribe where men are allowed to kidnap girls they want to marry

In other parts of the world where the man asks for the hand of his bride-to-be from her parents, the people of the Latuka tribe go through a totally different route to acquire the woman of their dreams.

 The people of Latuka also known Otuho are predominantly farmers and they engage in farming of cattle, sheep and goats. They can be located in the Eastern part of South Sudan. The Latuka tribe who are mostly traditionalists believe in sharing everything they have with each other. They have stayed true to their belief over the years by rejecting every form of religious penetration from Islamic propagators and the white missionaries.

Also, despite the recent modernization that occurred during the decades, nothing has really changed among the Latuka tribe specifically in their marriage rites.

When a man from the Latuka tribe desires to marry a girl, he must capture the girl from her family home and later return to the girl’s father with elderly male relatives who accompany him to officially ask for her hand in marriage. 

The girl’s father then decides if the man is worthy enough to be given his daughter or not.He goes ahead to decide this by either giving a “yes” or “no” answer. 

 Each response from the father comes with separate ceremonial activities.  If the father of the girl decides to accept the proposal, he is required by customs to lash his future son-in-law as a way of showing him appreciation. 

This according to their culture proves that the man is ready to sacrifice a lot for the woman he claims he loves.

However, if things go the other way and the father of the girl decides to refuse the suitor’s proposal, the suitor according to the norms of the tribe has the right to decide whether to return the captured daughter or go ahead and marry her regardless of her father’s refusal.

 Most people can agree that this practice is a culturally inclined one but culture itself is not cast in stone and therefore this method of marrying which devalues women need to be carefully checked. 

The marriage rites of the Latuka tribe is one involving patriarchy and needs to be redressed to fit the modern society where enormous progress has been achieved to promote the rights of females as well.


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