The Oberoi Philae, Nile Cruiser, Aswan, Egypt

Only a small section of the majestic River Nile, the longest river in the world, runs through Egypt; yet it is the most well known portion of the river due to the ancient temples and monuments that lie along its banks. According to ancient Egyptians, the eastern bank was perceived to be the place of birth and growth, and the west, the place of death. Cruise along the River Nile on The Oberoi Philae and fall in love with the secrets of ancient Egypt; from timeless monuments to hand carved temples and tombs. Our cruiser offers spacious accommodations, all day fine dining and revitalising spa treatments, as well as an in house movie theatre and a dance floor; luxuries that are complemented by our sincere consideration for your every need.


The Oberoi Philae, Nile Cruiser

Abbas Farid, Sheyakhah Oula, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate, Egypt, Aswan,


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