The truth about removing earwax

I know , I know ! That the topic got you thinking about a lot right now. Therefore I am here to satisfy your heightened curiosity as well.

Most of us are always ready to dip that cotton tipped swab into our ears anytime we feel an amount earwax clogging in our ears. For the record, I do not wish to judge you for that because I certainly do the same thing every now and then. We all grew up with pretty bad misconceptions about what really an earwax is. Trying to remove earwax from our ears using pin pointed objects or cotton swabs does not guarantee a healthy state for us.

Earwax medically know as Cerumen is a bodily emanation secreted by the glands in our ear canals. Our ears actually work on their own by cleaning themselves and do not require our help. When you chew and move your jaws, we assist the movement of the old cerumen out of the ear canal.

Most people think earwax is a sign of poor hygiene but that is untrue. If removal of earwax is not really advisable, then what does it do for us that it needs to be rather kept?

Fitst of all,cerumen acts as a natural moisturizer which lubricates the ears preventing it from becoming too dry and itchy.

Another function of it is that it absorbs dead cells and debris.

It traps dirt and dust so that they don’t go deep inside to cause harm.

It also blocks bacteria and other pathogens from reaching deep into the ear.

On the other hand, there are reasons for which removal of earwax buildup may be necessary for certain individuals. Some people produce more earwax than the average amount required and this becomes harder and drier compared to the normal one.

This is referred to as cerumenosis which requires that the services of a healthcare provider who will use appropriate instruments to remove the earwax. There are also over-the-counter ear drops specifically available to aid in softening hardened earwax and allowing to exit the ear easily.

Swabbing or putting pointed items into your ear will only result in infections, hearing loss or eardrum rupture. Therefore we should all endeavour not to clean our ears as we do since it is harmful for our health.

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