They LIED to you

They hate some of us because we often dig under them. Why must they LIE about just everything? Truth hurts but it heals. Let’s get to it.

The Presidential Press Office, MICAT, LINA, and LBS have been deceiving Liberians about this project. This mini football pitch or technical facility is not and cannot be one of Pres. George Weah’s trademarks or signature projects. It’s too far from it. 

Some senior officials of this government have been proudly marketing these outright lies:

1) This pitch was built by Pres. GWM;

2) The pro-poor government funded it.

3) Pro-poor strong;

The real strength of pro-poor is LYING in my opinion.

Contrary to their outright lies, here are my facts:

1) This project is called LFA Technical Center and it was fully funded by FIFA;

2) It was actually launched (e.g. groundbreaking) on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 10a.m. in Careysburg City, Montserrado County;

3) The Project was officially approved in 2013 by FIFA;

4) The cost of this project is US$500,000;

5) The Technical Center is part of a project under FIFA called “Winning Africa for Africa”;

6) This initiative is intended to assist countries to improve their technical facilities;

7) It was only named in honor of ex-soccer star George Weah but not built by him;

8) In October 2016, a delegation headed by FIFA’s Development Officer for West Africa Sampson Kablan assessed this project;

9) This technical center was already operational far before GMW assumed office in January 2018;

10) The center is on 10 acres of land.

To further prove my point, please follow these links and read:





We are here to open our people's eyes. Our reliance is truth-telling. We will not allow them to deceive our people. They need to spare us this gimmick or horseplay.

Activist Martin K. N. Kollie writes from exile




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