U.I. Hotel, Ibadan

U.I Hotel is also known as University of Ibadan Hotel. It is located at the University of Ibadan, Agbowo, Ibadan North, Oyo State. U.I Hotel is a hotel suitable for guests on a visit to the University of Ibadan. The closeness of U.I Hotel to the U.I Zoo makes it a favourite for tourists as well.

Reviews of past guests at the hotel show that U.I Hotel provides clean and comfortable rooms. Various room categories are available at U.I Hotel, which include: Double Room, Royal Standard Room, Royal Executive Room, Special King Room, Royal Suite and Executive Room. Each room comes with a king-size bed, a stand-in shower, an LCD TV, a fridge, a couch, a stool, an air conditioner, a desk, a mirror and toiletries. Continental breakfast is made available to guests at the hotel.

U.I Hotel has the following facilities in place for its guests: free wireless internet, a banquet hall, conferencing facility and meeting rooms. A lounge/bar is available on-site to ensure that various drinks and wines are available to guests.

Quality services rendered by U.I Hotel include around-the-clock reception services, adequate on-site parking space, luggage storage, dry cleaning, room service and laundry services. Security guards are available to ensure that security procedures are followed through and to provide maximum protection.

Interesting Places to Visit near U.I HotelIITA Forest Reserve (16 minutes’ drive)National Archive of Nigeria, U.I (8 minutes’ drive)Spices (9 minutes’ drive)Kounty Kitchen (8 minutes’ drive)Conference Centre, U.I (14 minutes’ drive)Tantalizers (11 minutes’ drive)U.I Zoo (4 minutes’ drive)It is 42 minutes’ drive from Ibadan Airport.

FAQsQ: Does U.I hotel have a swimming pool?A: There is no swimming pool at U.I hotel.

Q: Is there a restaurant where guests can get meals at U.I hotel?A: There is no restaurant in the hotel. However, guests can get meals at restaurants close to the hotel.

Q: Does U.I hotel provide airport shuttle services?A: There is no shuttle service available at the hotel.

Q: Is there a parking space at U.I. Hotel?A: Yes. There’s an adequate parking space on the premises.

Q: Does the hotel provide a luggage storage facility?A: Yes. The hotel provides a luggage storage for guests’ use.

U.I. Hotel is hotel in Ibadan, Oyo.


U.I. Hotel

University Of Ibadan, Agbowo, Ibadan North, Oyo

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