U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany

Address: Clayallee 170, 14191 Berlin, Germany City: Berlin Fax: (+49) 30 830 510 50 Phone: (+49) 30 830 50 Website: https://de.usembassy.gov/

The Embassy of the United States of America in Berlin

The Embassy of the United States of America in Berlin is the diplomatic mission of the United States of America in the Federal Republic of Germany. The U.S. Embassy in Berlin offers a full range of services for American citizens in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia.

Working Hours, Appointments and Holidays

The US Embassy in Berlin is closed on: – German and American Holidays, – Last Thursday of every month. We are open to the public from 08:00-12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Emergencies After Hours:

If you are an American citizen with an after-hours emergency, such as the hospitalization, arrest, or death of an American citizen, please call (030) 8305-0 from within Germany. For calls from the U.S., please call 01149-30-8305-0. NOTE: Lost, stolen, or expired passports can only be replaced during normal business hours, and do not constitute after hours emergencies.

Visa and Passport Requirements

Please contact directly the Embassy of the United States of America in Berlin for inquiries regarding visa regulations and passport requirements.

The U.S. Mission to Germany comprises the Embassy in Berlin and five consulates.

The American Embassy in Berlin oversees all of the American diplomatic functions in Germany, including the American consulates in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Munich. There are also a few additional offices located in Bonn, the former federal capital, but there is no consulate there.   The U.S. Department of State refers to group of related offices as “Mission Germany”. Each consulate operates in a designated consular region composed of one to five German states, with the American consulate in Frankfurt having additional regional responsibilities in Europe and other nearby areas.  

The Consulate General of the United States in Frankfurt is the largest American Consulate General in the world. It is the home of the overseas offices of the U.S. Department of State and numerous Federal agencies whose officers travel from Frankfurt in carrying out their regional duties.

American representations in Germany

In addition to the American Embassy in Berlin, United States also has 6 other representations in Germany:

American Consulate in Munich American Consulate in Leipzig American Consulate in Hamburg American Consulate in Frankfurt Am Main American Consulate in Dusseldorf American Consulate in Bremen

German representations in United States

Country of Germany has 41 other representations in United States:

German Consulate in Virginia Beach German Consulate in St. Louis German Consulate in Seattle German Consulate in San Diego German Consulate in San Antonio German Consulate in Salt Lake German Consulate in Portland German Consulate in Pittsburgh German Consulate in Phoenix German Consulate in Philadelphia German Consulate in Oklahoma German Consulate in New Orleans German Consulate in Nashville German Consulate in Naples German Consulate in Louisville German Consulate in Las Vegas German Consulate in Kansas German Consulate in Jackson German Consulate in Indianapolis German Consulate in Greenville German Consulate in Detroit German Consulate in Des Moines German Consulate in Denver German Consulate in Dallas German Consulate in Cleveland German Consulate in Cincinnati German Consulate in Charlotte German Consulate in Buffalo German Consulate in Birmingham German Consulate in Anchorage German Consulate in Albuquerque German Consulate in San Francisco German Consulate in New York German Consulate in Miami German Consulate in Los Angeles German Consulate in Houston German Consulate in Chicago German Embassy in Arizona German Consulate in Boston German Consulate in Atlanta German Embassy in Washington DC

American representations worldwide

American Embassy In Berlin represents one of 257 consular and diplomatic representations of United States all over the world.

Foreign representations in Germany

American Embassy In Berlin represents one of 492 foreign consular and diplomatic representations from around the world in Germany.

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