We just don’t give Stunna enough credit

Say what you want but anyone who is into music will tell you that Lourell George, better known as Stunna is one of the best Liberian musician ever. Actually, he is, there is no debate about that.

Stunna has treat us to some of the best Liberian songs that you will ever listen to. His wordplay, rhymes and flow are always on point and you just want to keep listening to him as he do his thing.

He has not won many accolades for the role that he has played in the local entertainment industry, i don’t think he is given enough credit and i hope you will allow me to explain my reasoning.

You see, many Liberians generally don’t appreciate good music. A good number would rather listen to club bangers than music from an artist like Stunna that will leave you scratching your head. It’s the sad truth.

Stunna is underappreciated and as much as he tried to penetrate the local music industry, I feel it will be difficult and it is largely because of the aforementioned reasons.

On the brighter side though, we can say that he influenced more artists to start doing good music. When the history of Liberian musicians are written, he should be given a whole chapter.

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