What Is Mark McInnes's Net Worth? Details On The Earnings Of The CEO at Premier Investments Ltd

Primer Investments CEO Mark McInnes had sold his dream North Bondi penthouse for $11.5 million in 2018. Let’s explore his net worth. Sit back, relax and enjoy our report on the millionaire. 

Mark McInnes is CEO/Executive Director at Premier Investments Ltd.

What Is Mark McInnes’s Net Worth? Let’s Explore His Earning

As Mark McInnes is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, he gets an annual salary of AUD$5,419,440. His net worth is in the millions. However, the accurate figures on his net worth are not reviewed yet.

There are no executives working at Premier Investments who are getting paid more than Mark McInnes.

Mark likes to live a flamboyant lifestyle. He had bought a penthouse in 2019 costing $1.6 million. Mark bought more properties in the same area and for $4 million and $1.5 million making his total outlay to $7.1 million.

He and his wife Lisa Kelly had spent another $12 million on a Stephen Akehurst-designed family home. But in 2018, he sold the penthouse for $11.5 million.

Does Mark McInnes Have A Wikipedia? Learn More About The CEO

No, the CEO Mark McIness does not have Wikipedia.

Mark McInnes is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. He has got a long track of history working in the retail world.

Prior to working at Premier, he had led David Jones. It is one of the most successful companies. He spent 13 years at. McInnes worked 6 years as Merchandise and Marketing Director and the remaining years as the CEO of David Jones.

Mark McInnes’s Age

Mark McInnes is probably running in his mid-fifties.

He has not provided the precise birthday details. We made efforts to find his date of birth on the internet but sadly there is none.

Is He Married? Mark McInnes’s Wife

Mark McInnes is married. He is wedded to Lisa Kelly. 

Lisa is not his first wife or the second. Mark was married twice.

His first wife was Ingrid Gibbons. The marriage did not last long. And he got married again to Fiona Willis. They departed their own ways in 2005.

Meet Mark McInnes On Twitter

Mark McInnes has not opened an account on Twitter.

He is not a social media type of guy. Not just on this platform, you won’t find Mark on any other social media platforms.

We tried to search for his handles but on our hand we found nothing.

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