What Is Santorini Challenge On TikTok? Newest Trend Meaning Explained


Santorini Challenge is gathering much popularity, which is also a new trend going viral on Tiktok. What is its meaning? Stay tuned to gather everything about the recent viral sensation in this article. 

TikTok is one of the most used apps, whose users are millions of numbers. So, if you are also a TikTok user, you might know what the new Santorini challenge is about. 

This is not the first time something like this is getting viral; over the period of time, new challenges and trends come and go. So, here fifteen seconds of audio played in the challenge has been able to attract many people. 

Further, the audio contains a song titled Santorini, which was released on 5 September 2021 by Gama Lab. Likewise, the song has successfully gathered much popularity through social media platforms, including Tiktok. However, its English lyrics are yet not available. 

Well, Santorini is the place in Europe, which is the most lusted-after destination in the world. 

@aureliethedrama #santorinichallenge ♬ son original – Aurélie 😁😁😁

What Is Santorini Challenge On TikTok?

Santorini challenge is a famous challenge that is currently going viral on Tiktok. It gathered much attention of people within a short time.

Furthermore, this trend has already gained 12 million views and still counting. Many people have made a TikTok video by using the Santorini audio. 

Likewise, in the challenge, the people can dance in the song Santorini by the French artist Gama Lab. 


Meaning Of Santorini Challenge

Santorini challenge is a new viral trend that gained popularity for its amazing lyrics that goes like ‘Nau ka whine sa (chale), Nau ka fey peye vakans la, Woke pot mone la (lajan lajan), and so on. 

Though its English translation is currently not available on web sources, it also has attracted many users. Despite people being curious to know the meaning of the lyrics, it hasn’t been known yet. But hopefully, we may know more detail in the future as it is taking all over all over the internet.

Santorini Challenge: Step By Step Tutorial

Santorini challenge can be done by using the audio where you have to upload a video by changing your normal outfits into a bikini. 

Similarly, you can also make a video by using your own styles and creativity, which may attract people. Also, you can use numerous hashtags including #bikini, #goviral, #trending, etc.

@oli_971.972 Ici on est est cap il est 1h40 personne ne verra 🤭#santorinichallenge#pourtoi#foryou#transition ♬ son original – user7751739846227

We’ve mentioned step by step guide below for your convenience:-

First, download the TikTok app from the app store or play store.Open the app and go to the search tab.After that, type #santorinichallenge and click on the available videos related to this trend.Record yourself using the song and edit it.Finally, upload the video by captioning it, #santorinichallenge.

By following the above-mentioned points, you can be a part of this amazingly viral challenge.

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