Who Are Molly Wright's Parents? Meet The Youngest Ted-Talk Host

Molly was born to Neil and Ally Wright. Both of them have appeared in movies. 

Molly Wright is the youngest-ever TED speaker.

Molly is a Grade 2 student. She is from Queensland, Australia.

Who Are Molly Wright’s Parents?

Ally Wright and Neil Wright are the parents of Molly.

Both of Molly Wright’s parents have to work in the acting and movie business.

Her mother, Ally, was born and raised in Manchester, England. Ally has a degree in Bachelor of Drama.

She is also the former Head of Drama who has recently returned to the acting profession.

Molly’s father, Neil, is also an actor known for his role in Four Rode Out (1969). He is originally from Manchester, England, same as his wife.

Molly and Neil are both present on Instagram. Their username is @_ally_wright and @the_neilwright. 

They have given birth to two beautiful children: Molly and Freddie.

What Is Molly Wright’s Age?

Molly Wright is 7 years old. 

Molly was born in 2014. We do not know when she celebrates her birthday as that information is not available.

Molly Wright: Wikipedia And Biography

The seven-year-old TED Talk speaker has not been featured on Wikipedia.

Molly is an aspiring wildlife warrior, performer, and social activist.

With the help of Neil and Ally, her parents, she runs Molly’s Wildlife Warriors. A small group of 40 children raises funds and awareness for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation in Queensland.

Her Instagram, @mollywrightofficial is controlled and managed by her mom, Ally.

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