Who Is Alexander Lukashenko Wife Galina Zhelnerovich? Bio & Net Worth Explored


Galina Rodionovna Lukashenko, Alexander Lukashenko’s wife, is the current First Lady of Belarus. 

In years, the president hasn’t been in public with his wife. Why wasn’t Galina Rodionovna present at formal meetings with her husband?

Alexander Lukashenko Wife

Galina Rodionovna was born on January 1, 1955, in the family of Rodion Georgievich Zhelnerovich (1928-1983) from Brest and Elena Fedorovna Zhelnerovich (1929-2019).

After graduating from the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute, she met Alexander in Ryzhkovichi while still in high school and married him in 1975.

Since January 1998, she has served as the department head of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee for Population Improvement.

Alexander Lukashenko Bio

Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, born August 31, 1954, is a Belarusian politician who has served as the country’s first president since the establishment of the office on July 20, 1994.

He was a political affairs instructor in the mid-1970s and served in the army for five years. He held minor positions in the Komsomol (Communist youth movement) and local party organizations.

He got elected to the parliament of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1990 and was the only deputy to vote against any agreement that led to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Alexander Lukashenko Children

In 1975,  their first son, Victor, was born, followed by Dmitriy five years later.


The first followed in his father’s footsteps and became a politician, while the second went into business.

Galina is distant from Alexander, who had at least one extramarital affair resulting in Nikolai (son).

Why Is Alexander Ignorant To His Wife’s Existence?

Galina and Alexander were married for a long time, but it was not a happy marriage.

Lukashenka began pursuing his political ambitions soon after his marriage. Galina, on the other hand, found work at a kindergarten.

Galina declined to accompany Lukashenko to Minsk when he was first elected president in 1994. She seemed to like her country life in Rijkovic, where she grew up. – I chose this life for myself,’ she said in a 2005 interview with “Komsomolska Pravda.”

Lukashenka allegedly trained his wife like a dog, according to the former prime minister. “He just gave her commands, which she was required to follow,” he added.

Lukashenka dismissed his wife after the press released a photo of her milking a cow with the caption “First Lady of Belarus.” Galina was kept under house arrest for a long time and could not communicate with her friends or neighbors.

Alexander’s Net Worth Explored

Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of Belarus, is reported to have a net worth of 36 million dollars.

He hasn’t disclosed his actual net worth yet.

According to a document posted on the central election commission’s website, Lukashenko declared an income of 551.8 million rubles ($31,000) in 2014, entirely derived from his pay.

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