Who Is Georgia-May Davis? Everything To Know About The Actress

Learn about the Dive Club actress, Georgia-May Davis, her height, age, parents, and her career. 

Georgia-May Davis Age and Career.

Georgia-May Davis was born in 1995 in Australia. She is 26 years old having already succeeded in her profession.

She has performed on various series and hosted multiple shows. She appeared on a popular TV series Young Talent Time in 2012

The show was revived by Network Ten where she performed as a singer. One of her biggest shows is Dive Club where she portrayed the role of Lauren Rose.

She starred in all 12 episodes of the show and impressed her fans with her striking acting skills. Back in 2013 she also hosted a show called Disney Backstage Pass which lead a path to her success.

The multi-talented actress has also showcased her skills in short movies like Shootme. Her impressive work as a TV host also landed her a job in Disney Channel’s Hanging with Adam and Naomi where she explored her talent.

What is Georgia-May Davis’s height?

Georgia-May Davis is a tall actor and a performer standing at 5′ 7″ (1.7 m). Thanks to her height and gorgeous look she has made a career in modeling as well.

Being born to a popular actress Alyssa-Jane Cook, she had the opportunity to spend most of her childhood in a set.

She got a chance to learn and develop herself which certainly helped her in her career.

During her career, she has already worked or interviewed Hollywood’s biggest stars like Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, Jon Favreau, Cate Blanchett, just to name a few.

Who is Georgia-May Davis’s mother?

Her mother, Alyssa-Jane Cook, is undoubtedly one of the gorgeous actresses and personalities.

It’s fair to say that she got her hosting skills from her talented mother who was also a recognized virtuoso during her time. She was born on the 16th of February, 1967 in Papua New Guinea.

Besides Georgia-May Davis, she has two other kids, Ruby-May Davis and Lucca Davis. During her prime time, she was considered one of the talented performers. She amazed many audiences as an actress and television host, which she loved.

She performed every time on the stage elegantly without a sweat. Fair to say Georgia-May Davis received many talents from her mother.

Every actor who worked with Alyssa defined her as a mind-blowing performer. Alyssa-Jane Cook, 54, is still completely focused on her career and working on TVSN as a TV presenter.

Find Georgia-May Davis on Instagram.

Georgia-May Davis currently has 22.5k followers on her Instagram account.

She is actively engaged with the audience through her social media.

With over 650 posts she has shared most of her joy, setbacks, and upcoming projects with her fans without hesitation. She has labeled herself as a personal trainer on her Instagram Bio.

Other than hosting and acting she also enjoys modeling for multiple brands. She is also active on Tiktok as @georgiamaydavies

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