Who Is Gui Khury? Everything On The Young Skateboarder

The 12 years old Skateboarder Gui Khury is making his parents proud from such a young age. Read the full article to find out his achievements. 

He has registered his name as the youngest player ever to win a gold medal at the extreme sports competition, X Games.

Besides that, he is also the youngest skateboarder to land a move called 1080 on a non-mega vert ramp.

Name Gui Khury
Birthday December 18, 2008
Age 12 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Brazillian
Profession Skateboarder
Parents Ricardo Khury Filho
Married/Single Single
Instagram @gui_khury

Unveiling Gui Khury Age

The champ, Gui Khury, is 12 years old and was born in 2008.

Further, he celebrates his birthday with his family on December 18.

Despite his young age, he has been setting hard-to-beat records by even being a pro skateboarder. Recently he beat his senior contestants in the Vert Best Trick contest, which also included the legend, Tony Hawk.

Previously he set the record to complete the 900-degree by the youngest skateboarder at 8 years.

Gui Khury Parents

Gui Khury’s biggest supporter has been his parents.

His father Ricardo Khury Filho, stated that he provided a needed area for him to practice his games during the pandemic as the schools were closed.

He also said that his son would learn his tricks in his grandmother’s back garden most of the time.

Find Gui Khury Net Worth

The precise net worth of Gui Khury is currently under evaluation.

He must be earning a hefty sum as prize money from all the competitions he is attending.

Gui Khury Instagram Account

He has a massive fan following in his Instagram account, which is active under the name @gui_khury.

At present, he has 293 posts, 113k followers, and 593 followings. Furthermore, he has written in his bio that his parents manage his account.

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